Thinkglink: A Five Minute First Attempt!


Thinglink: Free

Thinglink: Free

Lisa Johnson, the Techchef4u guru that I have cited countless times on this blog, has been on a big Thinglink kick lately, as evidenced in this post. And if she likes it, it behooves me (yes- behooves- another word we don’t hear enough in my opinion) to give it a whirl.

Now this was another tool that I couldn’t understand what it could do for me until I tried it out. Since I have a very busy schedule today and my mind is on an upcoming social media workshop I am going to give in an hour, I thought I would try with a simple image and link the multimedia resources I am going to use in the presentation. Here is the link (for some reason the embed function would not work- that always makes me mad)

This is just a static image- but if you click on it it will bring you to the interactive image)

This is just a static image- but if you click on it it will bring you to the interactive image

This took me about 15 minutes and I did it all on the iPad. From downloading the app, to creating an account, to finding my image and my resources, it was super easy! You can also use your desktop or your mobile phone.

A possible application could be for history classes. I was thinking of a recent documentary I saw recent;y about the feminist punk group in Russia, Pussy Riot, who were jailed for protesting. I was thinking that a thing link would be a great way to highlight different human rights violations or conflicts happening in the world today. The students would find an image of the world or a certain country and then place their points on the right place on the map.


Can you think of other uses in the classroom?


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