Computer Science: Some Shocking Stats

In the wake of yesterday’s post, I received a flurry of emails and resources from all over Montreal. From articles about coding initiatives for women in Finland to the following info graphic from the people about how the U.S. are not preparing their youth for the jobs that are currently available:



I was curious to see if we could find some stats on computer science in Canada, and after a quick search I found this article from Maclean’s dated September of this year. They only make one mention of the computer science field:

Health related fields are almost exclusively female, with 82 per cent of all graduates in 2007 being women. In fact, women dominate in all fields except for three: architecture and engineering, math and computer science, and protective and transportation services. However, the only category that saw a decrease in the share of women is math and computer science, which has been accompanied by a similar decline among Canadian males pursuing those fields. It is a trend that has been offset by a greater proportion of international students, mostly male, studying math and computer science.

Hmmm. I guess it isn’t so much different North of the border…




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