11 Note-Taking Tips For The Digital Classroom – Edudemic

I was visited by a teacher yesterday who was wondering what the best way was to use the  iPads in her class for research. This teacher had a couple of sites she wanted the students to explore but wanted to make sure they were actually engaging with it.

I have been thinking of this ever since and I am not sure I have a good solution. The only thing I can think of is what our math and multimedia teacher mentioned in his Flipped Classroom presentation- that taking notes are a very important part of making sure the students are viewing the presentations/videos,etc he wants them to view.

But is paper better than digital? According to this infographic, it seems that our instincts were right-the answer differs for everybody:


Some ways the first teacher could go about it would be to have them do what Mr. Math teacher does- make them take notes on paper and then take a photo of their notes and post them on a class blog. Or, as the sites includes many images the students will have to explore, they can save the images to their camera roll and then stick them in a place where they can annotate them (whiteboard app, keynote,etc.). Or a combination of both.

Her concern is that she wants to be able to retrieve all the documents in one place- not to be bombarded by a bunch of emails. I am intrigued by the idea that pen and paper and technology are not mutually exclusive-there is no need to throw the baby out of the bathwater.

What do you think? If you get your students to look at certain websites on their iPad what are your tips and tricks to ensure they are engaging with the site and not with instagram?

Below is the article where I found the infographic.

See on Scoop.itipadyoupad

Does the physical act of writing something down help you to remember it? What is the most effective way to take notes? How does all of this play into a more digital classroom?

See on www.edudemic.com

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