Guerrilla Tactics: Engaging Students is Everyone’s Job!

Guest Blogger: Marilyn Meikle

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 8.49.58 AMEach morning I chat with a lovely group of girls in the alcove outside Geoff’s office. Each morning I do my best to get them off their iPads and engaged in conversation or at least away from some odd game called “Virtual High School”. (Did you know that Brendan was dating Samantha???)

I recently challenged them to download the App called 7 Little Words. It is a great app that is free (unless they want to buy more puzzle packs which are not costly). I am quite addicted to the game and have my mum playing to keep her brain active at age 82. There are different levels available.

There are 3 free games available each day.

I have told the students that whoever sends me a screen shot of their solved puzzle will be awarded house points. It’s working! This is an email from the second student to complete a puzzle. And, yes, I award points for houses other than Cumming House!!


Take a look at some of the words they are now learning and some of the tricky clues.

AND…they are now talking to each other. They ask each other what the words mean. They give each other clues!

The APP is also available in French and Spanish (7 Palabritas) [could not find the link to the  Spanish version when I checked today] and it’s challenging.

Try it. Have fun. And, award points!

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