The 8 Key Elements Of Digital Literacy – Edudemic

An interesting look at Digital literacy and the way we teach it. Doug Belshaw argues that teaching digital literacy should not be sequential but progressive:

“[It is not digital literacy] but digital literacies. They are plural, they are context dependent and they need to be socially negotiated…Digital literacy is always in is a lifelong project we all have to be involved in…”Doug Belshaw-ted talk

I would tend to agree- the best way to teach digital literacies is through a one on one correspondence with the curriculum- make it mean something with the ultimate goal of taking the information and making something new (either opinion piece, essay, project, etc).

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Many teachers have added ‘digital literacy’ as number four on the list of literacies their students should have (or be working towards, in most cases). Reading, writing, and math are now followed by digital literacy. Obviously, depending on the grade level  you teach, your students will have different abilities in each of the four areas, …

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