Agenda Survey: Part 3 (Grade 7)

Here are the results for the grade 7 class. It seems that the whole class(at least those who responded), use an agenda at least some of the time:

7 do you use an agenda


However, it is interesting to note that the students using print agenda, either provided by the school or not, outweighs those using the online tools. I have a feeling that this is because they have been used to using paper agendas in elementary school and are dealing with a huge learning curve with everything else in high school.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I think that we could do a little more to promote the more efficient use of the online tools as well as periodically check up on them and see how it is going.

I would like to know if there are any studies that talk about organizational methods, tools and different learners.  Geez- I just gave myself some homework…

7 what kind agenda


Here are the levels of satisfaction broken down by tool. It is interesting to note that everyone seems pretty happy with their tools…

7 satis schoolagenda 7 satisf Built-inapps 7 satisfcombination 7satisfprintagendanotschool



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