You Are Not a Digital Native: Privacy in the Age of the Internet |

I wanted to share this article by Cory Doctorow as I think it makes some extremely salient points when talking about kids and privacy. He also quotes Danah Boyd’s new book entitled It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked teens, a book that is on my shelf, waiting patiently for me to get to it.

But here are some of the big points Doctorow makes that A) I haven’t heard before and B) now seem so obvious I can’t believe I didn’t think about it  in that way before:

  • Just because kids’ make mistakes (which BTdubs, is how we all learn) with their privacy online, doesn’t mean they don’t care about it.
  • That because kids’ make mistakes with their privacy, the companies take that to mean that they don’t care about it, which means they can play fast and loose with their data.
  • Actually, kids care a lot about their privacy. Just ask any parent who wants to know what they did at their friend’s house last night. You can’t get more cryptic than the ubiquitous, “stuff.”

Ande here’s a quote just to whet your appetite:

 ” Kids intuitively know what privacy is worth, but being kids, they get some of the details wrong. It takes a long time to learn how to do privacy well, because there’s a big gap between giving up your privacy and getting bitten in the butt by that disclosure. It’s like obesity, or smoking—anything where the action and consequences are widely separated is going to be something that people have a hard time learning about. If every forkful of cheesecake immediately turned into a roll of fat, it would be a lot easier to figure out how much cheesecake was too much.


So kids spend a lot of time thinking about being private from parents, teachers and bullies, but totally overestimate how private they’ll be from future employers, their government, and police. And alas, by the time they figure it out, it’s too late.” Cory Doctorow


He goes on to mention ways kids are guarding their privacy and ways in which we too, us curmudgeonly digital immigrants, can also protect our privacy.

In my opinion, this is a must read.

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Cory Doctorow discusses the importance of Internet privacy, and how companies profit from our mistakes.

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