How To Integrate iPads With The New Google Classroom – Edudemic

Welcome back, teachers!  I thought I would kick off a new season of iPadYouPad with an article about Google Classroom and everything it can do for you.  Create your content on the iPad, whether it be an explainer video on Explain Everything, an annotated PDF out of Notability and even a video off of iMovie and then simply upload it to google drive and share with your students!

Here is a great article, which includes a nice visual of the workflow.  I know of one teacher already who takes advantage of the Google drive/Explain everything connection to share with her students but I would like to here from anybody else who uses it. How is it working for you? Any problems you would like to highlight? benefits?

With the recent announcement that Google Classroom will be available to all Google Apps for Education schools by the week of August 11th, schools that have also adopted iPads are interested in exploring the platform to determine if it will integrate into their existing deployment to provide a helpful and approachable workflow solution. While there …


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