Family Sharing on iOS 8: Explained

If you have updated to iOS8, you will have no doubt come across the push notification asking you to turn on home sharing.  What is this you, might ask yourself? I know I did. Could it be a better, more streamlined way of sharing apps, etc. with your family? Dare I believe it?

YES! Yes, that is exactly what it is! Along with some awesome features like a family calendar (OMG, I am so excited about this one, I am levitating while hugging my iPad! Okay. Not really). But seriously, this is super exciting! I have resorted to a google calendar for each kid and adult in our family and then have shared it with everyone just to have it completely ignored. No longer!

A question I had after reading the article below was whether kids can still purchase tmusic, etc. on their devices with their own iTunes account. This is important to me as a mother of two teenagers, who tend to get a lot of iTunes gift cards as gifts. (and also because mostly I don’t want their music. The exception being Lorde and Lana Del Rey (don’t judge me- it might be a midlife crisis.) Now I can finally get my hands on those albums!

The answer is YES! According to this hand dandy apple support article,

Content downloaded from family members or acquired via redemption codes is not subject to Ask to Buy.

Oh good. This will also change some info on our school’s iPad FAQs page as now homesharing is so much easier. Thanks Apple!

iPhones, iPod touches, iPads everywhere — everyone in the family has devices and uses them for everything. One of iOS 8’s key improvements is more convenient family sharing. This is what it is and how it works. Easier media sharing and better parental control You’ve been able to share media content with other members of your family for quite some time thanks to Apple’s Home…


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