iOS8: take a selfie with the timer!

I am so excited about this! Used to be, when we were on a family vacation, my husband would prop the camera on a rock or a ledge while we stood still so he could get us all in the frame then press the timer, and race and smile before the click came. It has been many years since all of our photo taking has been on the iPhone camera and we have not been able to inflict the family timed photo on our daughters. Until now! I am rubbing my hand in evil anticipation at all the eye rolling and sighs of impatience this will engender from my kids!

Just tap the little clock icon and choose from either 3 seconds or 10 seconds.


I was a little confused at first. You have to actually take the photo by pressing the button to trigger the timer. Yep. I was sitting there like an idiot, thinking all I had to do was set the timer. No, you actually have to start it too…Duh.

And then, once I finally figured that out, I was waiting to hear or see a countdown. There was none. It just counts down inside its head and then shoots, no warning. So I recommend counting in your head too so you are no caught unaware. Or freeze frame your face, either one…


I got tired of looking at myself, so took a photo of the library instead.

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