Innovation Design In Education – ASIDE: Seeing Is Believing: Visual vs. Linear Content

Having just finished a project with the Grade 9s where they had to take information they learned about different aspects of WWII and display it in a visual format, I really wish I had read the following article. It would be a very interesting article to take their linear notes and put them side by side with their finished product. As well, the author provides two very useful info graphics on the elements of design I wish I had.

Sigh. Next time.

Innovative design crosses over all aspects of education. The American Society for Innovation Design in Education, or ASIDE, seeks to infuse curriculum with new approaches to teaching and thinking. Integrating the design of information into the daily conversation is an essential part of the teacher’s toolkit and the purpose of the ASIDE blog. The underpinning of innovation and educational design is based on looking at the information available and communicating meaning for a world of learners. Thinking like a designer can transform the way children learn. ASIDE’s goal is to bring together as much information, resources and supportive scholarship in one place for teaching and learning.


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