Aurasma: Augmented Reality for Your Classroom | Edudemic

Aurasma has been getting a lot of buzz lately in Ed Tech circles- it was one of the apps mentioned at the QAIS tech conference. I have mentioned it before several times in this blog. However, I liked the way this teacher thought to use it in the classroom:

For example, we’re currently studying Shakespeare in my 7th-grade English class. I’ve noticed the students struggle with Shakespearean cadence when we read aloud in class. To help them, I created auras for some soliloquies that link to YouTube videos of scenes performed by a local production company. The students simply scan the page with their phones or iPads to trigger the Aura and watch the corresponding performance.

My students also participate more with Aurasma. For instance, I had each student pick a character from Shakespeare’s plays and bring in a poster describing that character. They also created an aura featuring video of a friend interviewing them as their chosen character. The posters then triggered these auras for the class to watch. My students went above and beyond with their character research to create a video their classmates would enjoy.

Basically, it is a more elegant QR Code. Instead of having one of those weird little boxes full of scribbles, you simply scan the image/text/object and that will bring you to whatever content you want people to see.

How would this be a useful tool in your classroom? Do tell! And check out the article!


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