3 Reasons Why You Should Share and 3 Things You can Do to Start Sharing

This is a very good, impassioned plea for sharing from Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano (Langwitches Blog).

I can attest to the fact that maintaining a blog allows me to work through an issue, or take a minute to properly review an app. However, where I need to do better is in commenting on other people’s social media. I am a terrible lurker, which unfortunately makes it more of a monologue instead of a conversation…

Also, there are many ways to share. I like the blog format because, well, I’m long-winded. But perhaps your sharing might be best suited to the 140 characters of Twitter. Share your success and join the conversation!

I am back on my soapbox… …because I continue to see great things happening in classrooms, but get blank stares, when I ask, if these things are being shared beyond the school building. …becau…

Source: langwitches.org

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