Cutting Edge-ucation: Profession Development Gluttony? Refine your Palate.

Lately, I’ve been trying to re-think the way I read. As a YA librarian (and let’s face it, a lifetime avid reader), I tend to devour books like I’m a contestant at a pie-eating contest. But lately I feel like I am reading and reading but not tasting or thinking about what I am reading.

I have not been taking the time to savour my literary pies, so to speak.

So I made some changes. Instead of having a pile of books I NEED to read by my desks at home and at work I have dispersed the books (which is goodness for all of you who use the library and who were searching for a book that I hordes away… Sorry about that.) I have started reading heavier material, more slowly. I have even bought some used copies of these books so that I can write inside them. I am not reading as much, but I am definitely getting more out of the book.

The article below made me think about this in terms of our PD and how it is designed, and disseminated.I think that our gradual transition from sessions where you are talked at for the whole period to sessions where teachers have the time to play around with the app is a good one. We are still not there yet, still having too much front of the class time and not enough play time, but I think this idea of Slow Professional Development (I just coined a term!) is worth exploring more in depth. Having a structured time for some professional introspection where we can delve inside our unique issues and challenges and try to “ideate” solutions (I am so full of buzzwords today…) is probably more valuable than the time we have allotted for it.

What do you think?


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