iOS 8.3 on iPad: Is It Worth Installing Now?

I have to admit, I didn’t even think twice before updating my iPad to 8.3. I just saw that big red number and updated it. But it is good to know about the new features and fixes 8.3 gives, as well as a review of its performances on the different kinds of iPads.

For example, there are some improvements to the keyboard, as well as to the overall performance:

Apple delivers performance fixes for major iPhone and iPad features and tasks. With the iOS 8.3 apps should start faster and be more responsive. Apple also boasts that Messages, Control Center, Safari Tabs and WiFi are all faster in iOS 8.3.

Keyboard shortcuts should work better and third-party keyboards are now much faster to switch to and to use. We’ll be testing just how much better the update is, but so far the iOS 8.3 vs iOS 8.2 performance is way better for third-party keyboards.

Read on for more features !

Three weeks ago, Apple released its iOS 8.3 update for the iPhone, the iPad and the fifth-generation iPod touch. With this three week milestone in mind, we want to take a look at how the iOS 8.3 up…


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