Ten Creative Ways Students Can Have a Better Summer Break | Edudemic

I have read that students (especially low-income students with no access to books and enriching materials or activities) come back in September with a significant loss of skills. Not that I think we should get rid of summer break (I like summer). And I am a big proponent of letting my kids have unstructured time, though I know this might be unpopular – most students I talk to seem to have every minute of their break planned ahead of time, from going away to camp to family vacations.

Until they decide that all they want to do is watch TV all summer. The Summer Reading Challenge is my own personal way of getting students excited about keeping up their reading over the summer. However, this article gives some other ideas as to how we can motivate students (and our own children) to take control of their own learning and start exploring the world!

School breaks are an exciting time for students. With (usually) no homework and lots of free time, they’re pretty much the ultimate kid fantasy.

Source: www.edudemic.com

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