The Importance of Informal Learning | LearnDash

I found this infographic interesting. I am thinking of how to go forward with our iPad PD next year and would like to make use of our “database of experts” more as well as set up an informal peer to peer mentor system. I think our experience in the past years have been that formal learning settings (eg. the iPad challenges) have a limited use.

The feedback has been consistent in that some people need to go slower, while for some it doesn’t go fast enough. There is always the problem as well that what is being presented is not relevant to you at the time.

I am just brainstorming here, but what if we had a set up where we put aside some time for sharing info with our peers? For example, if a teacher wanted to know about the best way to use interactive quizzes in the classroom, she would sign up with one of the peer experts to learn how to do that. There would also need to be a certain rotation where an expert also has a chance to learn something new from someone else. Though it might pose some logistic challenges, once a schedule and a protocol is put in place it could work well!

What do you think?

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