Internet of Things: HowStuffWorks explains…

I’ve been hearing about the internet of things for quite a while now, and though I had some idea of what was meant by it, I thought I would look it up to see if my assumptions were correct. Where did I go? To those smart people at Howstuffworks, who made this very informative (and a little terrifying, I won’t lie) video on the subject:

What do you think? Is it exciting to think about your living room knowing your mood/diet plan/schedule? Or is it kind of terrifying to think about how we are being reduced to constant streams of data being fed into the devices around us, especially since this data will most probably come to roost in the gaping maw of the corporations who sell us such devices in the first place?

These issues, which encompass both futurist ideas and issue of digital citizenship, should be talked about with the younger generation: the potential and the pitfalls to our privacy are enormous and will be felt the most keenly by this upcoming generation. Sparking an ongoing discussion in our classes on these topics is the first place to start!

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