How to Use Calendar as an Agenda

I made a video using the Greg Scruton method of Flipping the Classroom. My topic was how to use the Calendar app as an Agenda.

Here were my steps:

  1. I wrote a script. here it is: SCRIPT- Calendar as agenda. It was too long, as I found out later.
  2. I found a quiet place where I would not be interrupted (this after a very frustrating day of being interrupted.)
  3. I used airserver to project my iPad screen on to my laptop. This is not a free thing, but our IT guy can help you out…
  4. I recorded my screen with Quicktime Player.
  5. My movie ended up being over 7 minutes long, so I had to edit (no way was I going to make another take!)
  6. I watched Greg’s video about Mpegstreamclip then downloaded the app. (I had to get Brian to give me permission to download this, but it was well worth it- I simpler way of editing my movie than iMovie, which still kind of scares me…)
  7. I edited the parts where I tell people the table of contents as well as the end part, which cut my movie down to 5 min 30. Still a bit long for an explainer video, so I definitely have some work to do, but I think it is better than my first attempt!
  8. I uploaded it to youtube so I could share it with you!

Here is the video – please feel free to use it with your advisory!

Let me know what you think and thanks Greg!

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