Some News from Apple

So Apple made their big reveal earlier this week regarding their new iOS and where they will  be focusing their energy.

I was particularly intrigued to hear about their new Swift Playgrounds, an iPad app to learn Apple’s programming language.

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If you want the lowdown, here are a couple of good articles that synthesize the relevant stuff:

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Let’s start 2016 off with a laugh…

Via The New Yorker

Apps to Download in 2016

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Here is one to get you started:


Isn’t human eye contact gross? Looky streams a video of the person right in front of you in the corner of your screen. Use it while ordering your pour-over coffee, testifying in court, walking down the street, or even watching live theatre. You’ll never have to look up from your phone again!

Some of The Best Gradebook Tools for Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Has any of our staff tried any of these? The only that I can see that is an app is Gradebook which is $19.99. The others seemed to be online platform…

I would be curious to know if an online grade book would be useful for you and if you have tested a few out!

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How Meditation Can Help Students Master Life | Edudemic

Worth a try? I think that as the pace of our world tends to increase exponentially and time is our one major scarcity, it is scary to set aside some mental space for what seems to be the indulgent practice of simply calming ourselves down. But the article below cites studies that prove that in effect, taking this time to get more in touch with ourselves actually saves us time in the form of reduced stress, clarity of mind, more energy and better immune system.

It also gives three simple tricks on how you can implement this in the classroom. What would happen if we asked the students to arrive a few minutes before an exam (or started five minutes later) and took a minute to practice some mindfulness? I wonder if the results would not reflect the calmer state of mind…

Students benefit from meditation & the methods that they can use to excel in school, perform well in sports and activities, and have more emotional control.

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New Poster- 15 Useful Tips to Help Students Overcome Procrastination ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

“…Procrastination doesn’t necessarily equal lazy. Inaction is often caused by anxiety, fear of failure, or negative perfectionism.”

During this, the last week of exams, it might be useful to show this infographic to certain students. I have never given procrastination much thought , but the above quote struck me, as did the  concluding thought:

“Procrastination is more than putting off tasks; it’s a fear of action.”

The infographic gives simple , yet clear advice on how to avoid getting in our own way.

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