How I used the iPad today

Today I gave a presentation on information literacy at McGill’s School for Information Studies and used the ipad to do it all. I didn’t need a USB key, didn’t have to worry about compatibility (except for bringing the all important VGA adapter (which I just looked up and discovered VGA stands for Video Graphics Array)- whoah- double parentheses- is that like a double rainbow?

I used Keynote for my slides (and was pleasantly surprised when the notes for each slide automatically popped up on my iPad while still nicely displaying my slide on the big screen):
 Safari to show them my blog, my website, my webliographies etc.:
 ibook to show them examples of other presentations and youtube for an example of a student project where they had to find the material then create something with it (the To Kill a Mockingbird documentary). 
To navigate between these apps seamlessly, I just had to brush up with four fingers and I got my apps bar. 
I felt so cool.
I really did.

How do I use the projector with my ipad: a Monday tale

Once upon a time, there was a dotty librarian who only took in half of what her wise tech guru told her. She lived happily in her own little bubble, happy in the delusion that she was efficient, competent and innovative with her exploration of technology,

One Monday afternoon, while roaming the hallowed halls of her castle, she came across the science teacher.

“Oh, Miss dotty librarian! Could you please tell me how to project with my ipad? I only seem to be able to project movies in my class!” said the science teacher, a look of frustration furrowing her lovely brow.

The dotty librarian, not wanting to seem like she did not know the answer though she had no clue how the smart science teacher was even projecting in the first place, said what all librarians say in these cricumstances.

“Hmmm. That is a good question, oh science teacher,” she said furrowing her dotty brow. ” Let me get back to you on that.”

Well, the librarian went straight to her good friend, the wise and all-knowing Google. “Oh, google, oh google! Please help me find the magic spell to use a projector with an ipad.”

The friendly Google, always willing to help out, soon produced the solution via the Apple store. It turned out that a simple AV adapter was needed!

IN her distant memory, the dotty librarian recalled seeing another adapter attached to the projector. Of course! The wise tech guru had already attached the AV adapter for the ipad to all the projectors in the school! That is how the science teacher was able to project in the first place!

Here is the magic adapter! Already attached! Didn’t even notice!

Here is how it looks like! I am projecting litcharts right now.

And when the dotty librarian used the new trick she learned in last week’s workshop- how to zoom in on a screen, she found a very useful tool indeed.

How to zoom in on a screen:

Go to settings –>General–>scroll down to accessibility–>turn zoom on.

To zoom a screen, tap the screen twice with three fingers. To move the screen around, use your three fingers to move it around.

Alas for the science teacher, however, this tale does not have a happy ending, as she is one of the poor souls who has the ipad 1, which does not have the same projection capabilities as its younger, more handsome sibling. The humanity!