Bookmarking on the ipad and how to quit apps and save your ipad battery

This might have been obvious for anyone who isn’t me, but I had to actually look this up. The issue came up when I asked the seventh graders to bookmark the library site and realised I had no idea how to do it on the ipad. It turns out the answer was right in front of me:

1.Click on the framed arrow on the left side of the URL.:

2. Click on “Add Bookmark” (duh!). If you want to put it in a folder, click the open book icon right beside the boxed arrow:

3. Click on Edit.
4.Click on New folder.
5. Type in the name of your folder.
6. Go back to your bookmarks and drag the ones you would like in your folder. Or if you are smarter than me. Do the folder first and then when you are browsing, stick them in the folder as you add them!

And I think will probably reduce the chances of your ipad freezing up. Beth has shown me this before, but my brain being the sieve that it is, I had to look up how to do it again. It turns out that ALL my apps were open when I did this. Hmmm, that must be why my battery seems to have sprung a leak…

1. Double click the centre ipad button
2. Press on an app you would like to close.
3. All the apps will go wiggly and a minus sign will appear on each app:

4. click on the minus sign to close the app.
5. To finish, click the centre button again.

Stuff I’ve used the ipad for this week:

  • To roam around the library and change students’ library catalogue passwords (much easier than yelling for them to come to my desktop- they couldn’t escape).
  • Making a QR Code Scavenger Hunt for orientation! (But I will write a whole post about this when I’m done…)