Friday Workshop: David’s Presentation


No, we are not talking about a lovely little sushi lunch, but rather a quaint collection of easy to access data! I know. What could be more delicious?

David used Bento to make records for each of his students in his classes. He had it all prepared for parent-teacher night which means he had easy access to all his student’s file on his iPad.

Here are my notes of David’s presentation:

Price: $4.99
  • Createdentries for all of his students including allmarks accumulated as well as data that was on their report card.
  • Added a field to indicate whether he met with parents or not
Courtesy of David himself: in the À faire column, he has set it up so that he has several options he can access easily.
  • Made todo lists for each student- gives you the option to add deadline date.
  • Can set prioritylevels
  • Can alsoapply task to other students
  • Text,number etc.
  • Set acertain time for tasks 
  • URLfield: thought could add a link to edvance website but bento does not liketo link to secure website. 
  • Can link torelated databases ( If I’m not mistaken, it is called related data- in david’s case, he made another database for his tasks list and connected it to his student list- if I am mistaken David, please comment!)
  • Can movefields around
  • Tookquite a while to build it up: aday and a half to two days
  • Bento formac and bento for ipad is syncable however, Bento formac is fifty bucks
  • Lookinginto importing data- this came out of a question from Gail who asked if it was possible to take existing data from a spreadsheet and import it into Bento. David and Beth didn’t know, but they are looking into it.
I vandalized David’s screenshot so that we couldn’t actually see any students’ names, but I wanted to give you an idea of how it looked.

Thanks David!