How to Convert Ebooks into Another Format

Not my most snappy post title, but nonetheless a useful piece of knowledge. Today I had a visit from the art teacher.  She is going to Toronto for the weekend and thought it would be a good time to try out the ipad. The proud owner of another e-reader, she wanted to transfer her ebook, which was in the .mobi file, to the ipad. Alas, ibooks doesn’t read file. Before she plummeted to the depths of despair, I asked her to send me the file and to see what I could dig up.

All the forums led me to a hand piece of free software called Calibre, billed as the one-stop shop for all your ebook needs. I downloaded the software onto my computer, opened up Caliber and added the file to my Caliber library:

Then choose your file and go to the “Convert Books” icon:

Choose convert individually, unless you have many ebooks you need to convert. Choose the format you would like to have it converted to:

Then you can send it to yourself, save it to your desktop or even sync it directly to your device as long as your device is hooked up to the computer.

Easy peasy!!!!