rAPPido Review: Are they getting it? Poll your class with eclicker

I heard about this when we were discussing the ipad in the school and was really intrigued by it. As I was engaged in one of my extremely unprofessional searches on Google (I typed in innovative ways to use the ipad in education) I came across this slideshow that reminded me of this use and led me to eclicker.

If you are confronting a class full of dazed looks, doodlers and sleepy heads, you can shoot out a quick poll to the class (assuming they all have ipads) and get the answers in realtime to verify who is understanding and who is not.

The eclicker host costs $9.99 and is necessary for the teacher to install. However, to answer a poll the students can download the eclicker app for free.

Some highlighted features:

  • Students can access it through any internet enabled device
  • You can poll up to 32 students at a time
  • You can edit questions on your ipad
  • You can add images to your questions