How To Integrate iPads With The New Google Classroom – Edudemic

Welcome back, teachers!  I thought I would kick off a new season of iPadYouPad with an article about Google Classroom and everything it can do for you.  Create your content on the iPad, whether it be an explainer video on Explain Everything, an annotated PDF out of Notability and even a video off of iMovie and then simply upload it to google drive and share with your students!

Here is a great article, which includes a nice visual of the workflow.  I know of one teacher already who takes advantage of the Google drive/Explain everything connection to share with her students but I would like to here from anybody else who uses it. How is it working for you? Any problems you would like to highlight? benefits?

With the recent announcement that Google Classroom will be available to all Google Apps for Education schools by the week of August 11th, schools that have also adopted iPads are interested in exploring the platform to determine if it will integrate into their existing deployment to provide a helpful and approachable workflow solution. While there …


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rAPPido Review: Google Docs

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 8.59.29 AMI was helping a teacher this morning who was using google drive with her students. The goal was to get the students to upload photos of their artwork to a folder in Google drive so that everybody could have access. The students would then choose one of her peers’ images, download it to her iPad and comment on it, then upload the feedback to the folder. During this process, we were wondering if it wouldn’t be simpler for students to create a google doc, paste the image in it and then add it back to the folder. That way they wouldn’t really have to leave the app.

As soon as we tried to create a new document in Google drive we received this message:

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 8.39.40 AM

Oh yeah. Separate Google docs app. Okay then. So we downloaded the app and tried to paste an image into it. Nope. Google docs is just as minimal as it was when it was all in one place:

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 8.43.22 AM

Those features that you see are pretty much all you get. No hyperlinking, no adding images. No fancy formatting.

I have to admit to being a little confused by the necessity to have a separate app for document creation – it is like building a whole mall for one little coffee booth…

Still, if you want to create a google doc on your iPad, you will now have to download the new app. Maybe they are planning on making it better? Maybe more features are on their way? I am going to err on the side of optimism here and give them the benefit of the doubt.


Google Just Released New Standalone Apps for Docs, Sheets and Slides (Offline Features Included) ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Just in case you finally got used to the lay out of Google Drive, Google is switching it up again. They now have separate apps for your documents and your spreadsheets. Apparently a google slides (which I assume is their presentation software) is on its way.

I note that there is no mention of a google forms app, which is what they really need as the forms do not work in the present Google Drive app…

One other note: at the time of the writing of this, I checked the app store to find these apps and was not successful. However I hadn’t installed the last update yet (it is going right now) and the link in the article works and will bring you to the app in the iTunes store.

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100 Ways To Use Google Drive In The Classroom

To make up for last week’s April Fool’s, here is a real article about all the amazing things you can do with Google docs via Mary-Kate. I for one, will be referring back to it for a while- after a cursory glance, I am intrigued by the ability to embed presentations as well as use Polyline for drawing.

Check it out!

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100 Ways To Use Google Drive In The Classroom

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Word Doc to Editable Google Doc: The Missing Step

In my inbox this morning was a query from the history teacher to our intrepid IT committee wondering why, when she uploaded her Google doc to share with her students who were supposed to edit it, were they not able to? Have you had this happen before? I have. I never really looked into it, just assumed that Google doc was a tad xenophobic of other formats. My way around it was to simply copy and past my text into a new google doc.

However. Apparently there was a step I was missing when uploading my file. Thanks you Dan the Man for sending the instructions!

Here is a video on how to upload them:

Here are the written instructions as given by Dan:

Uploading Word Documents to Google Docs

1. Sign in to your Google Docs account
2. In the upper left corner of the window, click Upload
3. Click “Select files to upload
4. Select the Word file(s) you would like to upload to Google Docs
5. Click Open
6. Make sure “Convert documents, presentations, and spreadsheets to the corresponding Google Docs formats” is selected
7. Click Destination Folder to select a destination folder, if desired
8. Click Start Upload
Note: I just tried it. The first document I uploaded had the conversion off. Though I turned it on, the document I just uploaded did not convert. I was not able to edit it:
Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 8.09.06 AM
But the second time I tried to upload the file, the conversion option was already turned on and I was able to edit it:
Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 8.10.41 AM
You can see the difference with the icons :
Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 8.07.39 AM
Now, if only it was possible to turn on the conversion before I start uploading my file.Wait a minute…I just figure it out! Go to settings–>upload settings–>convert uploaded files to google format:
Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 8.12.51 AM
There you go! Hopefully this will help you be a little more streamlined than me…

Google docs on iPad?

Alas, I am afraid that my efforts today did not bear any fruit. I was curious to see if google docs worked on the iPad as I am cheap and want a free solution to word processing. Yet however much I tried I couldn’t get it to work. Oh, I could get into google docs and could even see my list of documents, but every time I tried to open one it would bring me right back to the index. There seemed to be an option to create a document or a spreadsheet, but the same thing happened when I clicked it: that is, absolutely nothing.

I am thinking there’s a glitch in the system? I’ll  try later this week, as all the articles I’ve read seem to think it is possible.

Have you tried to edit a google doc? If so, were you successful? help me out here!

Here are some articles on googledocs and the iPad:

Google docs now fully viewable, editable on ipad 

Google turns on Desktop Docs Editor for ipad

I even tried to get an article from a Canadian source, just in case the update hadn’t reached Canada (I know, I know- grasping at straws).

Google docs Viewer on ipad (from ipadsinCanada)