Friday Round up: Zooming and Green Screen!

Today I have a veritable panoply (isn’t that a wonderful word? I think it is a wonderful word. Panoply. And Iet to use it in a sentence. Pause for contented sigh) of neato stuff to show you (sorry. Had to bring the vocab down a notch after Panoply.)

One more time: Panoply.

I’m done.

This morning at the meeting Mr. Math Teacher came up to me in his festive green sweater, eyes aglow like Christmas lights, eager as a kid on Christmas morn (was that too many similes? I incline toward too many similes…)

What did he have to be so excited about? Well, had had just learned that you can zoom in camera! Al you have to do is pinch the screen or do the finger splits if going the other way.

Three cheers for finger calisthenics!

After the meeting, I mosied into the Humanities department to pick up my mail and chat up the elegant English teachers (felt the urge for alliteration. Could have used enigmatic, endearing, enlightened though I guess). During our conversation Ms. MK English teacher professed the desire for a Green Screen app. Well, Lady English, your wish is my command!

I did a quick search and found an app, apptly (couldn’t help myself. Sorry.) called, yes, you guessed it, Green Screen!

I tried the lite version, but the actual app only costs $2.99

Things you need to know when taking your photo:

1. Make sure you have enough light or it will end up looking like this:

However, you can use the erasor, to erase yourself back in:

The options for backgrounds in the lite version are six landmarks and what they’ve dubbed “cutesy” backgrounds. However, in the paid version, not only do you have more options in their library, ¬†you can upload your own backgrounds from your camera roll.

Here are the editing options:

I took the photo in the hallway where the light is better, did some quick touch ups (erased myself in- I know counter-intuitive much?) and here is the result:

Look! I’m in New York!

Not really. I’m at my desk. But one can hope…