iOS5: Three New Fantabulous Features!

If you have updated your iPad to iOS5 (and I know Beth is doing the rest of the iPad lab as we speak) here are a three new features to beguile, bedazzle and befriend you. Meaning they will make your life easier, but with alliteration.

1.  New Moves! Add a couple of fingers and you have a whole lot more functionality. The folks on the iOS5 information site have explained it better than I could ever do so here is a nice screen shot:

Just make sure you use four fingers are you’ll wind up swiping at the screen like one of those overzealous housewives in a Mr. Clean commercial. Also, the left/right swipe to navigate between Apps works in the vertical and horizontal viewing mode. I especially love the swiping up to see the toolbar- very handy!

2. Notifications: With just a quick scroll you can get all your notifications in one place! This is a one-fingered activity. (No one-finger jokes intended)

Just tap the screen to make your notifications disappear.

3. Photos: You can now edit your photos on your iPad! This, I must admit, is so FREAKIN’ awesome!!!! I would love to crop some of my unwieldy screenshots taken from the ipad.
Just tap the edit button, and you can rotate, enhance, fix red-eye as well as crop. Crop!!!!

Beautiful, I tell you. Just beautiful (I have tears in my eyes. Seriously).

Pages in Ios5 Features Split Keyboard

A student came to see me yesterday while her class was working on the ipad lab in the library. She passed her ipad to  me and said, “how do I fix this?”

On her screen, the keyboard had split in two, as if Moses was haunting the ipad under a ghostly delusion that Pages was the red sea.

So I did what any red-blooded modern day librarian would do. I googled it.

Turns out, this is one of the fancy new features of the ios5– you can now split your keyboard as well as unmoor it from its squat at the bottom of the page!

This is handy for two reasons:
1. you can see more of your page. That hulk of a keyboard can severely diminish your view of your document.
2. If you feel more comfortable having the keyboard higher up, or are doing a task where it helps to be able to move the keyboard around, this is the feature for you.

You can undock (I like unmoor personally) and split the keyboard by pressing and holding down the keyboard icon on the keyboard (the one that when tapped makes the keyboard go away). You can also split the keyboard by placing your thumb on one side and your forefinger on the other and then performing the splits.

Here are a couple of posts I found that go into more detail if your interested: