Friday Workshop: Annie and Greg’s Presentations

Okay! Now that I have a nice, new platform to exhibit all the cool things the teachers are doing, I can focus on, well, all the cool things the teachers are doing.

Let us continue with last Friday’s presentations, shall we?

Our next speaker is…


Except that I pretty much covered a lot of her presentation in a previous post entitled Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Annie Brown and her wonderful whimsies .

But just  in case you need a refresher, Annie likes to use apps such as  Sonic pics lite and Fotobabble to evaluate talk competency in her English class.

Here are my notes:

  • The apps are both free
  • Sonic pics lite made for iphone
  • Can take an image, talk on it and send it really easily
  • Of interest in teaching visual and media literacy
  • Used it for the first time at open house
  • Also used it for new student orientation
Here is an excerpt from my previous post, which describes these two activities in more detail:

For new student orientation, Ms. Brown took the original activity- of picking an image from a bag and writing a short poem about it and put it together to create a slick product the Grade Sixes could then email to themselves. There was the original physical component of the exercise, where the girls could take the images out from a bag and then write their poems. But because Ms. Annie Brown also had the images in her iphotos- she could find them easily on her ipad. The girls then recorded their poems over the image and were able to send the results either to themselves or their parents.

For open house she did a similar exercise where she asked the girls to think about their favourite part of themselves and write a short blurb about why. Once they were done, they opened sonic pics lite, used the camera to take a photo of their favourite part and then recorded over it.

  • Grade tens: for the end of act I of Macbeth, the students must send in a photo as well as a record of talk competency
  • Fotobabble: used for the halloween screams!
  • Evaluate a design project or a math construct is take a picture record your comments and send it back to the students

Greg”s Presentation:

Greg showed this video:

With the line that sometimes taking in all the new technical information feels like drinking from the firehose.

Too true, Mr. Scruton. Too true.

Mr. Scruton (math teacher) was nice enough to send me screenshots from his presentation as well as a little blurb that describes it better than my notes.

Here it is:

The things that I touched on in my presentation was using Keynote in class. Making PowerPoints or Keynotes on computer, then transferring to the iPad via Dropbox or the iCloud.

Here is a screenshot of a Keynote presentation

Ahhh, but Greg also talked of using Numbers:

Here is a screen-shot of a Numbers spreadsheet from my presentation.

I would love to explain more about how Greg uses Numbers in his classroom, but it involved solving equations. I don’t do equations.
I also make the PowerPoints into videos that the students can access from their iPads.
I am sending this video because it took the better part of my life-time to make, and I think that only one student has watched it (under duress).
All my form I and 3 videos can be found at

Thanks Annie and Greg!

More from the Science Teacher!

Our lovely brow-furrowing science teacher from the projecting post sent me a couple links a while ago and I though since I have been too busy to do any ipad researching today (in spite of emailing booklists to the whole ipad lab) I thought I would use them, thus still living up to my post-a-day goal, albeit by cheating.

It is about numbers, which I am still too cheap to buy for my own sake so we will have to take science teacher’s, and her lovely links, word for it.

Here is the email I received:

The first link is to a very basic video explaining how to move columns and use the keyboard to go from text to numbers. A good intro but not very rich in content.

The second link is better because you can choose many topics but it is a reading tutorial. Quite clear to explain how to copy paste insert etc.

basic intro to starting a spreadsheet and how to send it to e-mail
Table of contents available for you to choose any topic.
Thank you so much science teacher! I promise to focus more on pages and numbers in the future.