rAPPido Review: Quizalize

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What is it?

Quizalize is a web-based application (meaning that you find it online and not in the app store) for disseminating quizzes to your student.

How much does it cost?

It is free, though they have a “marketplace” where you can buy ready-made quizzes and I think sell your quizzes too!

Do you have to sign up?

Yes. Both teachers and students must sign up. However, Quizalize works with the Google apps for education so Traf students and staff can sign in with their google account.

How do I make a quiz?

Once you have signed in with your google account, click on “create a quiz” in the big pink box:

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Add your questions:

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There doesn’t seem to be a limit to the amount of questions you can ask. You can even format it to only ask a selection of the questions in a quiz you have set up.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you don’t put any incorrect answers, Quizalize makes the student have to unscramble the answer:

(this is how it looks on the student version on the iPad)


That is very annoying. I was using the Battle of the Books practice questions as a test case – these kind of questions are not multiple choice, yet I was forced to make them multiple choice to avoid the demonic word scramble:


Compared to Socrative where you can have either multiple choice, short answer or true/false, this is a major point against Quizalize.

However, the ability to time the question (that big number in the middle of the student page) was great as for this particular case, the students only have 20 seconds in the actual competition to answer.

Here are some interesting features:

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You can add images! They also give you a great guide on how to do that.However, when I tried to upload a picture, it didn’t work.

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Could be a glitch. Could be a bigger problem. Who knows?

Also interesting is math mode. However, I am so out of my depth in terms of writing mathematical equations that I will refer you to another one of Quizalize’s handy guides.


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Once you have entered all your questions, save your quiz.

Important note: once you have saved your quiz, for any edits you have to do to the individual questions, you have to save it every time you change a question. For example, when I realized the word scramble problem, I went back to each question and added incorrect answers. None of them took because I didn’t save them each time I edited a question. Also irritating.

Then you can either play in class or set it as homework. Type in the class you are using it for:

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Customize your settings:

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Share the code with your students (just like Secretive, except they have to sign in)

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And then you are set!

Here is what the students see:


This is how the teacher can view the results:

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If you go into your classroom dashboard, you can see the stats for the quiz by student:

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I am assuming this becomes more interesting and varied when you have a whole cohort and multiple quizzes. As for exporting the data, I do not see anyway to do that, but I suspect that is because it works with the google apps for education? Maybe it goes into Google drive?


Though Quizalize is pretty easy to use, the fact that they only let you do multiple choice or word scramble is an issue. Also, needing to save each and every question in a quiz instead of just pressing save for the whole thing is irritating. The fact that you cannot export the data (that I can see anyways) is a big problem as well. I think for our purposes, Socrative is still a better tool, though some may prefer Quizalize colourful and simple interface. Also, the math mode option and the fact that you can (theoretically) upload images is a plus.


Web IQ Quiz: How much do you know about the internet?

Here are my results:

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Not bad, but could be better- I might have to brush up on my internet history… How did you do? Take the quiz and see how your knowledge of the internet compares to Americans…

Do you know Twitter’s character limit? Or which is bigger: a megabyte or a kilobyte? Take our quiz to see how your knowledge of the web and digital technology stacks up against the online Americans in our survey.

Source: www.pewinternet.org

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