9 Powerful (And FREE) Tools To Boost Summer Learning

The closing ceremonies were yesterday and there is only one week left of work before we head off on our summer adventures. Why notkill two birds with one stone and blend your travels with learning some new iPad tricks?

Check out the great ideas on how you can take your vacation photos and make some interesting multimedia presentations!

Rapidly approaching the dog days of summer (give or take a few days or weeks), I felt a need to share a power packed suitcase of tools that could be used to archive your summer highlights and memories. Many educators never really go on vacation. While they may appear to be leisurely sipping daiquiris on …

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iPad Summer Challenge #4:Make a vacation journal!


Many of the students who will be coming in with their iPads will be using it for everything- from taking notes in class, to writing essays, to their multimedia projects. So how does it feel to use the iPad for word processing? For putting together a presentation? Why not play around with some of the word processing apps such as pages or Word or even Notes (though if you have a hate-on for any font resembling

Office squared

MS Comic then I do not recommend the latter)?

See how it feels to write a whole text on the iPad- what are the benefits? Challenges?

If you want to get fancy, why not create a travel log in book creator or, when your trip is done, in ibook? Add photos and video!

The one with the best travel log will get a dozen homemade cookies (to share or not to share. I won’t judge) when we are back in August!


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iPad Summer Challenge #3: RSS!

Here is the original post I wrote about reading RSS feeds on the iPad. Why do this? To keep your professional development meanderings all in one place. To have it at your fingertips wherever you are (easy reading on the bus or the metro). And because it gives all those blog posts a nice magazine-y feel!

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I would also remind you of Flipboard and Zite two favourites among our humanities ladies!


iPad Summer Challenge #2: Make a Photo Essay from your Vacation Photos!

I posted this in March in order to give an iPad option to the English students who needed to do a photo essay:

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The students use the camera function a lot in their classes, whether it be for art or using it as a document camera. being on the class email lists, I get emails all the time from students who have taken a photo of the blackboard with their iPad and shared it with the class.

Thinking of the possibilities (and also the dangers- see the digital citizenship post) of the iPad camera function will help you in your lesson planning for next year!