Pages and Tables and Apps, Oh My!

Okay. I have decided to write this blog post in Pages since it will be all about the word processing abilities of this crazy little device.We have already seen in my other posts how to do all caps, accents and change the keyboard language (Dutch anyone?) so today I think I will make a table for all the apps that were mentioned in the workshop.
So far so good.
Okeydoke. (the one annoying thing about typing on the iPad is first of all to make sure the check spelling option is turned off- I keep on getting hi pad for iPad. Secondly, my sausage fingers keep on hitting the numbers keyboard by accident.)

First thing we have to do is insert our table by clicking on the image icon and then scrolling through the options:

I am going to choose a nice Traf-like blue. To type in the fields, just double tap where you want your text.

But how did I get rid of that extra column, you ask? Notice In the screen below there are four columns when you insert it. Just tap on the left and right arrows at the corners of the columns and rows. Here you can add or subtract as many columns or rows as you like! Personally, I find this way more intuitive than Excel.

Click the above row to delete or add columns

Use the side bar for adding and deleting rows

Okay. frustrating bits so far: I can’t crop the screenshots nor do I have the functionality with moving the images. Still, we are chugging right along just like that little engine that could. Time to insert my data! I love data! 

But I lied. I am only going to do the general apps as I am already I am only going to do the general apps as I am already bored with data. I promise I will get to everything soon though….

The last thing I want to try today is how to draw the lines in between my text. Hmmm. let me go explore….
Easy as pie!

1.    Select your table by tapping inside it once. You should see the grey border (that look sort of like mufflers).
2.    Tap on the i in the toolbar above.
3.    Tap on table options.
4.    Tap on grid options.
5.    Turn horizontal lines on.


And here is our final list:

Now I am going to copy and paste it and see if I can’t stick this behemoth in blogger (I think I might have to mail it to myself as blogger doesn’t yet support the iPad. Word press does though, just in case you are a wordpress freak.)

NOTE: I could log on to blogger and enter text, but there was not much functionality. When I tried to copy and paste the whole text it only gave me the last page. And of course, I would have to do the images separately….