Wednesday iPad Workshop: Ms. K takes it away!

This morning we had brave Ms. Science and vice-admin give a show and tell on her adventures using Notability, Explain Everything and Showme.

She needed a good way to annotate PDFs while recording her voice in order to post her lessons for her students to review on their own time (or shorter version- flipping the classroom).

Yesterday, in true Flipped Classroom format, she sent out the following videos for us to watch before the workshop:

Introduction to her workshop in Showme

As well as a 5 minute Trig video she made by importing a PDF into Explain everything and then sharing it with her students via google drive:

Although I wasn’t able to attend the meat of her presentation as I was giving one myself, I did talk to her beforehand. Some of her problems involved an attempt where she mistakenly paused the record button, so that half her presentation had no voice. As well, she tried a few times to export it as a project instead of a video and was wondering why she couldn’t view it in that format. However, once she got the hang of it, she found an easy effective way of creating videos of her lessons for her students.

Yay, Ms. K!

I am looking forward to having more teachers share their amazing use of tech with us in the following iPad workshops!

TEACHER SPOTLIGHT: Ms. Annie Brown and her wonderful whimsies

Whimsies? Is that how you spell it? Let me check. Yes. It is confirmed, I know how to spell.

I love Ped Days. First of all, I don’t need to be in the school at 7:30 which means I don’t start my day in a frenzied rush out the door. It also means I can pause a minute longer in the staff room and actually talk to people. This morning I accosted Ms. Annie Brown as she was basking in the gratitude of hungry staff members, wolfing down the bagels and cream cheese she so generously purchased (I have never seen so much cream cheese in my life. Actually that’s not true. I have worked in restaurants).

Come to the point, you say? Fine, fine. I will cease my leisurely meanderings. Man, you are always in such a hurry! You should really slow down. Take it easy, swipe the ipad in play for a change.

I asked Ms. Brown if she has used the ipad in her class yet. She said no, not exactly in class though she was thinking of using it to read Pride and Prejudice with her Grade Tens. But before I could go away, head drooping, coffee going cold, she added, ” But I have used it for open house and new student orientation.”

I immediately perked up.

“How, may I ask? Please show me!”

“With pleasure,” she responded.

For new student orientation, Ms. Brown took the original activity- of picking an image from a bag and writing a short poem about it and put it together to create a slick product the Grade Sixes could then email to themselves. There was the original physical component of the exercise, where the girls could take the images out from a bag and then write their poems. But because Ms. Annie Brown also had the images in her iphotos- she could find them easily on her ipad. The girls then recorded their poems over the image and were able to send the results either to themselves or their parents.

For open house she did a similar exercise where she asked the girls to think about their favourite part of themselves and write a short blurb about why. Once they were done, they opened sonic pics lite, used the camera to take a photo of their favourite part and then recorded over it.

Let’s go through the steps, shall we?

1. Download the sonic pics lite:

(I think you can get the full version for $2.99. Note: there is only an iphone version, so you have to look in the iphone apps. This means that the screen for the ipad is very small.)

2. Tap the + sign in the left hand corner:
3. Enter your title (and a description if necessary)
4. Add your images. You can choose from your photo library or take a picture with your ipad. I am going to choose two photos from my photolibrary:

5. I selected two photos from my library. Note- I am not sure why it does this, but every time I choose one photo it repeats it three times. I have to go into the edit mode to delete the two copies. This is a problem only because the lite version of the app only allows you to add three photos in a project at a time. When you add your second photo, a message will appear telling you you are not allowed (because it copies itself ). Just keep on saying no and then you can return to your project:

NOTE- I just zoomed in on the screen and although it is a little pixilated, it makes it easier to write…
6. Press record.  So, here is a little snafoo. With the lite version, you can only add a recording to one image at a time. Although I had two images in my project, it would only allow me to attach it to one image. I did a recording for both images, but I erased the other one by accident and I have no more time to spend on this post.
7. I pressed the share icon which converted my project into an .m4v file then chose to email myself, but you can also uplaod it to youtube or share with your computer:

So. The lite option has some limited capabilities. If I ever decide to get off my cheapskate fence and purchase it, I will post about how much better it is.

OR- if you have had better luck with this app please let me know. It could be I am suffering from Friday brain.