Printing From Your Ipad and a Grey Safari Screen

I had two questions at lunch today from a poor student who could no longer access the internet because her safari screen had greyed out and wouldn’t let her do anything. After googling the helpful ipadforums, I found the answer.

When your Safari screen greys out on your computer:

  • Reset it by pressing the on/off button and the ipad button in the centre until you see the apple icon. It will restart it and it should work when you open Safari again. It did for the student!
Why does it do that? Who knows, but it does feel like the ipad version of when a computer freezes up ( a site takes too long to load, etc.) Perhaps our IT guru could weigh in?
The second question was more difficult and required me laying down some cash. 
How do you print from your ipad?
Hmmm. This is complicated as it depends on what kind of printer you have. If you are lucky enough to have an airprint supported printer (which we are not), then you are good to go. However, we at the school are not that lucky. I found this very helpful article on printing on the ipad from Macworld that gave some options for printing without airprint. I, of course, chose the cheapest, eprint at a whopping 3$, my first app purchase.
I downloaded it and opened it- it looked like this:
Then I went to the Add a printer icon and the library printer was already listed. I clicked on it and made it my default. 
Then I returned to main menu and clicked on settings, where I made sure the default paper size was letter, created a borderless extension area.
Then I opened my dropbox to find a document to test it out on. To connect the document with the printer I had to star it and store it in my favourites. I then clicked on the framed arrow on the right hand side and it gave me the option to print.

I clicked on print settings, made sure I was only printing the first page, made sure it was only printing the body and voilĂ ! My document was printed!

Hope this helps!