Updating and Syncing your ipad: A Friday Fright Tale

I have a very impulsive husband. I love the man, but he reverts to the equivalent of a child that can’t stop pushing the elevator button when it comes to new tech. So when I first brought the ipad home, needless to say I was not the first to get to it. Before I could think about it, he had attached it to my computer at home. My computer at home which is synced with his library. The one that has all my music, my audiobooks, my podcasts, my photos. My computer that shares its itunes library with his computer.

So when I finally began to play with it mainly for and at work, I wanted it to be synced to my desktop in the library, not at home. Every time I synced my ipad, which honestly, was only to transfer photos from ipad to desktop and vice versa,  I would get messages saying there are songs in my library that I do not have the authorization for on this computer. I would erase and sync, erase and sync and still get some error messages.

And in true me form, I would totally ignore them and go my merry way. I didn’t pay attention to the syncing settings. Didn’t really care what made it on my ipad or didn’t. Until yesterday, when I tried to update my apps and wasn’t allowed because I had not updated the ios on my ipad or updated my itunes library.

So before I could even start playing with my ipad, I had to update the ios.

Imagine the scene in a horror movie when the Prom Queen knocks on the front door of the abandoned shack. The door creaks open on its own. Your heart beats a little faster. She takes a tentative step inside.

That is how I felt when trying to decode the messages itunes was shooting at me with every click. I wish I had taken screenshots of all the messages I got so I could give you a visual of this minefield. The climax of fear though, came when I got the message that if I performed the update, I would lose all my apps that were not synced in my computer.

The prom queen’s foot is hovering on the steps that will take her upstairs now.

And I realized that I had never synced my apps to my computer. I have just been happily purchasing them from the apps store on my ipad, not thinking about back up. Luckily, the only ones I have purchased have been Pages and eprint, but still. I would lost a whopping 13$ in addition to a whole lot of time as I would have to go and re-purchase all the free apps I have bought in the last while.

The Prom queen is going slowly up the stairs now.

So, thinking of all these things after I had started the update, I did what the itunes told me not to do (once again in a nice, grey message box) and stopped the update. I then went to the apps tab and paused.

The Prom Queen is on the landing now, debating whether she should open the door to her right.

Of course the Prom Queen opens it (She is not very bright).

I finally hit the sync button, shoulders hunched up in a terrified flinch, when another message comes up telling me that if I don’t want to lose my apps, I should sync them to the computer. So I did. I then updated my software…

Wait a minute. There is something behind that door.

The screen on my ipad doesn’t look right. And I still can’t update my apps… I just shut off my ipad and will restart it. Hopefully this will help.

I will save this post and come back to it later with an update…

Okay. I tried again, and this time it worked. It backed up all my apps, and updated the ios. I could even update my apps from the computer (though I have to do it again from the ipad because I didn’t sync it after the back up was done).

Oh. And when I went to see how this affected the ipad, I realised the update was for the new icloud, which means that now, all my devices will be able to sync wirelessly. I will let you know how that works out.

So to conclude our horror story,

The Prom Queen opened the door to the dark, dark room, and called out, “who’s there?”

A tall, hunched figure began to emerge out of the darkness. Queenie backed away in horror her back against the bannister. But the figure kept coming closer and closer, not heeding her screams for help.

Paralyzed with fear, she watched helplessly as the figure entered the pool of moonlight seeping in through the hall window.

She let out a gasp and then a squeal of surprise- it was the ghost of Steve Jobs, handing her an ipad and showing her out to sync her devices through the ether!

All’s well that ends well. Wait. No, Like isn’t that Shakespeare?

Monday update:  although the software update was a success, it was like sanding the floor or painting a room- it looks good but leaves a hell of a mess to clean up. All of my beautiful folders I so painstakingly created are messed up and I have to re-organize my whole screen. Also there are some new features that I can see at a glance- Newstand (which has the same shelf as ibooks) and something called reminders. Click here to get to know your new features better (which I will probably do in subsequent posts).

Tip from Ms. Reich– If you don’t see all of your purchased apps on your screen- do not panic! Go to the apps store –> purchased–> not on this ipad and they should be there, waiting for you to re-install them.

Think of it as replacing the furniture and vacuuming the layer of dust after the contractors have left…