3 App Smash Video Projects to Challenge Your Students | Edudemic

Here are some great ideas to start your week! App smashing is just a fancy way of saying using several different apps to achieve a finished project. For example, using a whiteboard app like Explain Everything and then importing it into iMovie to add music or more editing capabilities. I also like the idea of using a simple whiteboard app to great basic animation videos.

Check it out! 

When app-smashing on iPad, students and teachers use multiple apps to create individual pieces of content that are then merged or smashed together into one culminating product. Applying this concept dramatically increases creative potential, and the rate at which apps are developing allows for new, unique, and dynamic creations to consistently challenge what seemed possible …

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Wednesday iPad Workshop: Ms. K takes it away!

This morning we had brave Ms. Science and vice-admin give a show and tell on her adventures using Notability, Explain Everything and Showme.

She needed a good way to annotate PDFs while recording her voice in order to post her lessons for her students to review on their own time (or shorter version- flipping the classroom).

Yesterday, in true Flipped Classroom format, she sent out the following videos for us to watch before the workshop:

Introduction to her workshop in Showme

As well as a 5 minute Trig video she made by importing a PDF into Explain everything and then sharing it with her students via google drive:

Although I wasn’t able to attend the meat of her presentation as I was giving one myself, I did talk to her beforehand. Some of her problems involved an attempt where she mistakenly paused the record button, so that half her presentation had no voice. As well, she tried a few times to export it as a project instead of a video and was wondering why she couldn’t view it in that format. However, once she got the hang of it, she found an easy effective way of creating videos of her lessons for her students.

Yay, Ms. K!

I am looking forward to having more teachers share their amazing use of tech with us in the following iPad workshops!

On the iLab: syncspace- a collaborative whiteboard!

Earlier this week Ms. “I’ve been on sabbatical and no nothing about the iPad” came to see me about an app that would allow her class to collaborate on lexicons for her French class.

Now this is a very interesting query, one that my librarian brain had to dissect:

Me: What do you mean by lexicons?

Ms. Sabbatical (S for short): I want the students to group words on a specific theme together.

Me: Okay- so you don’t need a tool specifically for lexicons?

Ms. S.: No. Something like google docs but for drawing that we can do on the iPads.

Me: [lots of thinking out loud, brainstorming and then giving up and writing down the query on my very long list of things to do]

It is only now, at the end of the week that I figured out the answer was right underneath my nose. By doing several searches on the internet and finding lists like this and like this and like this, I figured out that our iLab iPads already have a tool that can do this ready and waiting for someone to know what to do with it.

So teachers of Trafalgar, I present to you Syncspace!

Here are the specs, shamelessly pilfered from their website:

SyncSpace for iPad provides a zoomable drawing space that can be shared in real time over the net, a sort of shared whiteboard. Turn on synchronization and send a link to the document to others who will be able to see your drawing and also make changes using SyncSpace. Syncspace

To use syncspace, the first thing you have to do is turn on sharing, then invite via email:



When the student gets the email, they must first make sure to open the syncspace app and turn on sharing. Then they will click on the link in the email:


The different members can share the document with others as well- not just the first creator! The link will take them to the syncspace website. All they need to do is click on the middle choice- draw:

The links takes them back the synscspace app and the shared document appears. They can now edit!

In the following drawing, the different colours were made via different iPads. You can also type your words by pressing down on the screen until a textbox appears. A whole range of colours are available, as well as different fonts. The realtime syncing works instantaneously:


You can also add photos:


Because the price for synscpace is pretty steep ($7.99), I would recommend booking the iPad lab for this use.


Friday Workshop: Lena’s Presentation

For those of you who missed the iPad workshops on Friday,  I will be going over each of the presentations this week. The first one is from Lena ( our intrepid Science teacher). I have mentioned before that she has been experimenting with different whiteboard apps in lieu of the cumbersome and labour intensive acetates.
Here is what she has found:
Price: free
  • Likes itbecause not a static pdf it is dynamic
  • Problemis needed three presentations for one problem. ( you can only use one board at a time)
  • Canimport photo or take a photo then use it. Edit it, format it, then write on it.
  • Canchange colours
  • Can alsorecord your lecture over your slides.
  • Put the link on the portal and students can access it.
  • Option ofkeeping it personal or public
  • Share itas an email or watch it online
  • When youmake it public people can rate it.
  • Haveto have an account in showme
  • Uploadingvideo takes a minute.
  • Email isfaster
Here is an example of one of Lena’s presentations:


Price: .99$

  • Can have more than one page per presentation
  • Can type,use stylus, import photos
  • Can alsotake a photo
  • Can alsorecord
  • Onlydifference from showme is that it exports as a pdf instead of as a dynamic presentation.
  • Can alsoimport pdfs
  • Problemis they will only see the finished result not the steps taken to solve it.
  • Students will have tolisten to the recording to see how the teacher came to the result.
  • You canchoose to email it, dropbox, etc.
  • Send itas a pdf or pdf and recording
Lena’s conclusion is that though both of these whiteboard apps are handy, they still do not have all the functionality she needs all in one. To have a presentation with multiple pages, or in old school parlance, acetates, with the capacity to export it as a movie with the recorded lecture in sync with the whiteboard pages is, if my impression is correct, her holy grail. 

Lori mentioned she attended a presentation at Qpat where the speaker touted Screenchomp. Lena said she would try it- and get back to us? Yes?

Tomorrow- Mr. Pelletier’s presentation on Bento!

rAPPido Review: PowerPresenter

Wouldn’t it be grand if you could find an app that allows you to skip between your presentation, a whiteboard or the web all in one while projecting all your movements seamlessly?

That is what PowerPresenter claims to do. However, the results are mixed.

Price: 1.99$

First of all, although it says that it supports different formats, it really will only let you upload PDFs. Which means that any powerpoint, keynote, word presentations you might have you have to first convert to PDF.

As well, the only way you can upload a document to powerpresenter is by syncing them through itunes. You can’t take a document you created on your ipad (let’s say via keynote) and upload to the app, which I find a huge flaw.

How to file share with an app:

1. Plug your ipad into your computer.
2. Click on devices–> your ipad.
3. Click the Apps Tab.
4. Scroll down and click on the app you want to share your file with.
5. Add file.
6. Click Sync.

Your document should be in Presenter now.

Now all you have to do is select that document and your presentation will be displayed.

However, if you write on a slide and then move to the next one, your notes will be lost. Also, you don’t have the ability to erase on your slides, only on the whiteboard.

You can switch to white board mode easily enough, but once again, if you switch back, your white board notes will be lost.

You can even email your notes to yourself, but it looks like you have to do it one image at a time. Again, not so useful.

Essentially, this is keynote, safari and a white board App such as Showme rolled into one yet without some of the essential features of each. A selling point might be the fact that you can surf between your presentation, your whiteboard and the net with the capacity to project seamlessly.  However, I have not been able to try it as the projector is in use today. (and I’m kind of lazy).

Still for 1.99$ it could have its uses. Oh, and if you want to avoid writing as bad as mine, I would recommend the use of a stylus.

If you have found a better app for this kind of thing let me know and I will feature it in my rAPPido review section!

Tired of washing you acetates?

And no, there is no dirty connotation here (except for dirty acetates, of course).

Then just use this lovely free app called Showme! It functions as a whiteboard app and when you use the projector with it, it is just like the old school acetates.

This came up when the lovely science teacher, brows significantly unfurrowed now that she is working with the ipad2, was trying to find an ipad solution to her acetate habit. It took us about five minutes to find a whiteboard app in the app store, download it and try it out.

I went back upstairs to my library queendom and received a phonecall about five minutes after. It was the science teacher who wanted to tell me that she figured out how to save it and, if she wanted to she could upload it and share it on the Showme online learning community. She said that she even found a presentation on her subject, Moles! I then asked her if she meant the hairy kind found on the faces of hags or the blind, troglodyte animals.

She just looked at me funny.

Showme features:

  • You can record over your whiteboard
  • Add images
  • email it to yourself
  • upload to facebook, etc.
One little thing: although it is very easy to “write” with your finger, a stylus for the ipad would be a good purchase. The rumour is circulating that Mr. Multimedia found an ipad stylus at his local dollar store so they are definitely available and for cheap.
Basically, it can be used the same way you use a chalkboard or a whiteboard without the white chalk marks on your butt or needing to spend hours at the sink cleaning your plastic sheets.
If you are currently using another whiteboard app or any other tool to help you deliver your lectures, let me know and I will feature it.
Thanks Science Teacher!