rAPPido reviews: three word games

You will find three word games in the English section on the google doc that acts as our bible of Apps. This means they are all on our mobile iLab.

As I am feeling particularly playful today, I thought I would give them a whirl. Okay fine. I didn’t know what else to do with the brief amount of time I had. So sue me.

Price for all of them: FREE

The game is to put the different parts of the word together. eg. PIA and NO
 Although the lite version is not very challenging, the full version might hold some juicy challenges. However I doubt it. It seems to be a game designed for the wee folk (meaning smaller children, not leprechauns and dwarves).
This came almost made the rest of my day a write-off. At first, I had no idea what to do. A grid with letters showed up but it wasn’t a word scramble in the traditional sense, where you can see the words hidden in a linear fashion in the grid. In this game, you have to find words going every which way. It is important to keep your finger on the letters you want to include to make a word or it won’t work.
In the lite version, your only option is for two minute games.  You always have to play against the clock. So far this is the best i’ve done:
I know. Not exactly a genius, am I? Addictive and fun. Maybe a little too addictive and fun. Watch out.., this one could be a time waster.
Your traditional game of Hangman. You can choose from several categories, including SAT, Video games, Sports, TV Shows, Vegetables, Basic Words, and Studies.
Be warned though- some thinking required- the hangman gets drawn very quickly and before you know it, you’ve lost. (When I play hangman with my kids, the hangman drawing is a long withdrawn affair- the hangedman not only has all limbs, torso and head, but all facial features, hair and clothing before someone has lost).
Here, you have to think about your subject and think about the spaces to fill carefully. 
I was thinking about not putting a screenshot of the actual word, but thought I would throw you a bone- anybody guessed it?

That’s it. I’m now going to play word genius now.  I obviously need the practice…