Audio Recording Apps to Send Comments to Your Students

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 8.26.19 AMYesterday Mademoiselle The White came to see me. She likes to send audio comment to her French students and had been using audacity on her lap top to do it. Except that it was not easy or quick to export the file and then send it to her students. She was wondering if there was an app on her iPad that would let her record her comment and then simply send it off.

Well. I love it when people ask me questions that I know the answer to.

I suggested audio memos, an app I tried a while ago when attempting to find a recording app to work with Skype (it didn’t work by the way). But in terms of what MMe. The White needed, it was perfect. You record your message, you go to settings and tap on the email option. You send your helpful comment to your student.

I also found this article from that gives an annotated list of several audio recorders that could be useful for teachers:

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 8.28.54 AM


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How to Record Skype Calls on your iPad? Good luck with that.

You can’t. At least not without jailbreaking your device apparently, which I don’t recommend.

So I wrote this post yesterday highlighting the following article before I tried it. It didn’t work and now I am sad. But wait! Read to the bottom! There is a silver lining!

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In Grade Nine, students take a course on Careers. I think it might be called Professional Development, but that somehow seems wrong… Anyhoo, for that course, they must research a profession and then interview a pracitioner of that professional. Many students choose to interview friends or relatives who are only available via Skype. As the quality of the interviews are always better when the student is not worried about jotting down every word, Ms. PD. asks her students to record their conversation.

The problem is, to record a Skype conversation on your mac desktop or laptop, you need a piece of software like Call recorder that will cost you $15, a lot of money for a one time deal-io.

And here comes the iPad to the rescue!

Here is a simple guide to using your iPad to record skype calls on the iPad:

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Yeah right. No rescue here. I tried Quick voice, Voice recorder and audio memos, and none of them worked. I wonder if this is a difference between the new iOS and the old? Or maybe the iPad 2 and the iPad 3? Whatever it is, the above article, as well as this one are giving erroneous info. Whether I begin the recorder app before or after I initiate the Skype call, either the Skype call makes the recorder stop or the recorder makes Skype hang up. Very frustrating.

But wait! There is a rescue option!!!

I did find a free (for a limited time only) app for your Mac! It is called Callnote Premium and works like a dream. Simply download it, allow it to talk to your Skype app and call the person you would like to record (asking their permission first of course.) Then press play!

I tested it and the conversation goes directly into your itunes, though you can also save it to your evernote, facebook or dropbox. If the file isn’t too large you can also email to yourself!