Two Ways to Add Audio to Keynote

The grade sevens are working on their first multimedia project- the dreaded keynote presentation (I know this because my daughter has been working on it in the kitchen while I make dinner). One of the challenges of making the keynote directly on the iPad is the challenge of adding an audio track to their presentation.

Why is it a challenge? Because for some reason only known to Apple, there is no direct way of doing this.

After a bit of research I found this video:

I tried this method with my daughter and, after some failed attempts, succeeded in embedding two musical clips in her presentation. However, we were not able to extract a clip from the song- she had to go with the beginning.

But wait! Mr. Multimedia teacher just sent me the following video which shows how to add an audio clip (even from within a song) using an app called Hokusai:

Which just goes to show you that even if Mr. Jobs didn’t think about it that doesn’t mean it can’t be done…