iPad Cheat sheets from IPad for Dummies

Not that you’re a dummy. I hate that title- I know it is tongue and cheek but dummies is such an ugly word. How about , “iPad for Neophytes”? Or for the hipper among us, “iPad for Noobs”?

Anyways. I digress.

I am planning a series of cheat sheets for those on staff who do not yet feel comfortable with the iPad. Well, imagine my surprise when I came across some online cheat sheets for the iPad via the dummies site.

They have three cheat sheets:


These are printable, so if you are teetering between the old school world and the new school world, you can print out these bad boys and tape them up on your desk. Or you can PDF if them and stick them in your ibooks!

I plan to make a cheat sheet about:

  • Email
  • itunes store and accounts
  • Pages

Let me know if you have an app or a topic you would like me to cheat sheet! (I know. Cheat sheet is not a verb. But I flout the grammar rules I tell you. Flout.)