The Case of the Missing Apps

So, yes. I admit it. I am not the most observant little critter in the technology forest. It took the genteel gym teacher (genteel. Who uses the word genteel anymore? However she is very genteel. gentle. But not genuflecting. I don’t think) asking where the clock app was on the iPad for me to realize that it was never there.

Yes, for some reason, Apple did not bless the IPad with all of the wonderful built-in apps you get with the iPhone and even the iPod if I am not mistaken. What is missing:

  • Stocks
  • Weather
  • Clock
  • Calculator

Which is just weird in my opinion. Especially since they want to be the end all be all for education- calculators are a handy thing when you are doing, oh, say math! (Okay, the stocks one I can do without, but that is because looking at stocks for me is like trying to read a novel in cuneiform).

Here are two articles that suggest alternatives to these apps for the iPad:

  • Finding the iPad’s 7 missing apps
  • Replacing the iPad’s Missing Apps (this one is a year and a half old so might have some out of date info)

    I downloaded a free app called Classic Clock HD Free just to see if we can replace the awesome iPhone clock/stopwatch app. It seems to have a lot of functionality, though if you want to set the alarm and have it go off when the app is closed, you need to upgrade to the paid version for $2.99.
    Here is what it looks like:
     Here is the stopwatch:
     As you can see, you have two options- elapsed time and set time. With the elapsed time, you can also record the time it takes to complete 1 lap. Very handy!
    There are a lot of free options for a clock and stopwatch however, all with pretty good reviews:
    I will talk to IT Guru about purchasing one for the iPad labs!