I was leaving the last session when I thought I would pop in to see this documentary. I had nothing else to do and the day was almost over, so I thought why not? I grabbed my bag of cheesy popcorn from the back of the room, sat down and spent the most entertaining hour and half ever. Cyber-seniors was a small program (program might be overstating it)  started by a group of Toronto teens. They would go into the senior residences and teach the seniors how to use the internet allowing the seniors to connect with their family. It was hilarious, moving and made me want to start a program here at Traf like this.

Here is the trailer:

One of the ladies participating in the program got enamoured with cooking videos on youtube. She decided to make her own:

Relevance: I think it would mostly be relevant for community service hours. Or as a discussion on empathy.

Curriculum connections: Extra-curricular (community service)