In honour of Arts Fest 2015: 18 Apps That Will Inspire Creativity In Your Everyday Life

From exploring contemporary art to making your own on the iPad, to Miranda July’s performance art to Yoko Ono’s request for your smiles, there is something for everyone on this list.

Many of the apps are free, but there are some you have to pay for, so be sure to read the descriptions!

Mobile devices like iPads and Androids have transformed the way we experience boredom. No longer is a wayward commuter forced to play Snake or Tetris, occupying themselves in a hardly satisfying, and


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Why Creativity in the Classroom Matters More Than Ever | Edudemic

This is a subject that has been on my mind lately, ever since I attended the seminar at the OLA Super Conference on Creative Thinking. My daughter (in 8th grade) just wrote her public speaking speech on why schools are not living up to the mandate of teaching students to think for themselves.And on Monday, I posted this article about Finland moving away from a subject-based curriculum to a topic-based one, in order to stay relevant in this ever changing world. As well, I have been thinking of the idea of “future scenarios” in education, as outlined by this savvy blogger.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could combine the idea of “deliberate creativity” of Gerard Puccio and his International Centre for Studies in Creativity, the practical tips in the article below to engage students by asking them to come up with solutions for the water crisis or how to end war?

Just sayin’.

Learning specific skills doesn’t have as much value in today’s world. Learning how to be more creative prepares students for life beyond the classroom.


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iPad Orchestra!

Via iPad in Canada

The University of Regina debuts their iPad orchestra. This is an initiative  that originates from a “Creative technologies” class. How freaking cool would it be to take a creative technologies class? Pretty darn cool…

Here is an excerpt:

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 9.02.03 AM

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My youngest daughter went on a field trip to her class recently to the Société des Arts Technologiques and came home raving about her experience. The best part for her was making music with the various devices as well as trying her hand at DJing (she got to scratch an old Disney’s Snow White record, which in my opinion was made to be scratched.)

I thought of this when I read the above article. I think sometimes I forget, with my emphasis on the iPad being a tool, that it can also  be used in extremely creative ways. It also begs the question about music and music education and where is it going. If Angèle Dubeau can see the beauty in new media and make an album where she interprets game music (yes, the angry birds theme is there!), how could we use the iPad to push the boundaries of our student’s creativity?

This reminds me of another thing- this last weekend we had our annual Christmas party at our house. The house was crowded, with a gaggle of teenage girls roaming around. My daughter had her iPad and by the end of the evening, the girls had made a professional looking movie trailer (it was a horror film where they had to run away from the dessert). They were not glued to a screen as they were in previous years, but talking, collaborating and planning. Oh, and falling down and laughing hysterically.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could do some concerted art project with the iPad? Start our own iPad orchestra? The potential is limitless…

Do you have any big ideas?