Blogging as a Curation Platform

Though I do sometimes add my original content, collecting articles I think would be interesting to our community is a big part of how I use my blog. I always try to add a comment or an opinion, perhaps another way to use what is being discussed in the article. Sometimes, I will even go further and check out the apps mentioned for myself and make my own review.

I think this kind of curation would be an excellent project for an ERC or history class- a student is given (or chooses) a current issue , then finds articles discussing this issue. The student has to read the article, make her own comments and give her own opinions. It would be a great way to introduce students to reading something other than their friends’ Facebook or instagram feeds!

As always, Langwitches gives a comprehensive guide on the Dos and Don’ts of using your blog as a curation tool.

I have written about curation before using Twitter as a Curation Tool and about the importance of helping our Students Becoming Curators of Information.  Sue Waters also just published a very compr…