The Search for the Perfect Student Agenda App Continued…



This morning while following up on the student agenda app quest, I stumbled upon another option: Euridio. Because Erudio has a free version, I was able to download it and try it out…

Once again, here is my criteria:

  • Easy to use
  • Clean, intuitive interface
  • easy to import schedules
  • It would be great if it could talk to our intranet, but that might be too much to ask.
  • Easy to input assignments
  • Different colours for different classes
  • Alerts for assignments
  • If not free, then cheap
  • Easily synced with your other devices

Easy to use

Yes and No. It took me a while to figure out the hierarchy you need to follow so that it works well. In case you are wondering that hierarchy would be to plug in your academic term –>courses–>then finally, tasks. However, it didn’t take me long to figure it out and once I did things went swimmingly.

Clean, intuitive interface

Yes! Take the Timeline option, for example:



Lovely, warm wood panelling as a background with some nice clean white space for each week. The icons on the left remain no matter what mode you are in.

Easy to import schedules

Here is where Euridio will not do. There is no way to import your schedule that I can find though you can sync your classes with your ical. However the problem is larger than that- when you are plugging in your schedule manually, it only allows you to add a class per day. As we work on a two week schedule, where students have say science on different days during that week, this is a huge problem:



It would be great if it could talk to our intranet, but that might be too much to ask.

Yeah. Not even gonna touch that one…

Different colours for different classes?


Alerts for assignments?

Check. Though you can turn them off. Mr. P was checking out iStudiezpro and found the notifications annoying. But I think this might be a personal preference more than anything….

If not free, then cheap

Yes- there is a free version as I mentioned above which only allows you to manage ten tasks at a time. The paid version is $2.99.

Easily synced with your other devices

Yes- you can sync via iCloud.

Something I have not added to my criteria but is very useful, is the feature available in iStudiezPro and iHomework to add the contact info of your instructors as well as be able to see your iCal in the planner along with what assignments are due that day.

All in all, iStudiezPro is a better option so far…