iPad Journals as an Exit Ticket

I learned a new concept today and it isn’t even 8:00 am in the morning! Woohoo, me!

Of course, it is all due to the fact that I periodically get emails notifying me of a new article from the intrepid Lisa Johnson, who posted an article about Ipad journals as an Exit Ticket.

I looked at the beautiful interactive image she created below (which I have made a mental note to check out)  and it looked great, but I didn’t understand- what the heck is an exit ticket. So I did what any red-blooded librarian would do (Okay, what any red-blooded, capable of googling human would do) and googled exit ticket.

I bet this is not a new concept to you actual teachers, so bare with me.

I found this article that laid it all out for me- admit and exit tickets are activities used for the purpose of leveraging the time usually wasted between classes. Then I thought of the English class I was in the other day that begins each class with a writing prompt. Admit ticket?

Now the article below makes sense…I like the Exit ticket strategy below, because it is a way of summarizing the information learned that day. The iPad is well suited to this purpose as the student can quickly log a journal entry in their iPad, snap a quick photo of a relevant image for that day’s class and quickly send it to their teacher. ideal!

I would be curious to know- is the idea of an admin and exit ticket a new idea? Does anybody use them?

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