hAPPy Halloween! Prepare for a Multimedia Scare with Haunting Melissa!

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 9.37.47 AMI have been very interested lately in the new digital storytelling format. The first one on my radar was written for kids by Kate Pullinger, an award-winning Canadian author. It is called Inanimate Alice and is an altogether different kind of manner of experiencing story. Not a movie exactly, not an audio book as you have to read the text, but sort of like text you experience not only through processing the words on the page, but through moving visuals and sounds as well.

As I was browsing for some Halloween fun to highlight, I came across this free digital story called Haunting Melissa. It was named one of Entertainment Weekly’s “best of” app as well as “Best new app” in app store.

I won’t lie. I downloaded it right now and had to stop watching it as I was afraid of letting out a scream and scaring the poor Grade 8s working diligently in the library to death.

Unlike Inanimate Alice though, Haunting Melissa seems to be a a high-quality move production. It is told in episodes, but I am not quite sure where the interactive part comes in yet, as I well, chickened out.

But maybe you are braver…

Caution: the app says 12+ for age. However, I watched two seconds of it and am totally creeped out so maybe only recommend it to older students or for those kids who love horror and can hack it.

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