Creating Infographics with Students

At the moment, Ms. Jackson, English Teacher Extraordinaire, and I are developing a project to accompany the Grade 9 reading of The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak (if you haven’t read this book- you should.It is the best YA around).

The mission is to give them some background info on World War II so that they can put the novel in context.

The first part of the project they are already tackling: I have developed some questions on different aspects of the war (mainly culled from the Encyclopedia Britannica). They have to answer these questions.

The second part is to create an info graphic, or a data visualization for their answers. I wanted to give them some best practices as well as tools they could use for this and, of course, I had to look no further than Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano at Langwitches. Below is her amazingly thorough guide to creating infographics which I am going to be shamelessly using as a reference for my own presentation.


I have been mesmerized by Infographics for a while now. Take a look at my previously written posts. Infographics- What? Why? How? Visual Thinking and Learning in the Classroom What are infographics…


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