41 problems with iOS 7.1, and how to fix them

Just in case the new update is getting you down- here is a great article with some solutions!

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Whatever iOS 7 problems you have run into there is always a workaround or a solution. We take a look at some common iOS 7 issues and fixes to alleviate them.

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iOS 7: how to disable the most annoying new features – Telegraph

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Apple’s new iOS 7 for iPhone and iPad is the biggest redesign of the mobile operating system since iPhone was first introduced.

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This article covers how to disable the panning wallpaper, how to have your contacts show up with the full name, how to tweak your notification center- and my favourite tip- how to close apps (I was wondering how to do that!). Also covered are how to disable the passcode and the refresh apps settings (which drains your batteries) and how to make your text more readable. Very handy stuff!

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Four privacy settings you should enable in iOS 7 immediately | ZDNet

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If you downloaded and installed iOS 7, there are a few privacy settings that are turned off by default that you should enable right away.

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Thanks Marilyn!

NOTE: When I went to the settings on my iPad, I didn’t see Frequent locations nor did I see settings–>privacy–>advertising. Perhaps these are things that only show up on the iphone? Or maybe if you have 3G enabled?

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iOS 7 review: a new look or a new beginning?

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Apple may deserve more credit than anyone for the way our smartphones look and work, but six years after our first glimpse of the iPhone a lot has changed. Google continued to design and re-design…

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Just in case you have been living under a rock ( or taking a much needed break from media) ios7 was launched yesterday. Warning: for all of you who do not like change, the look is very different. But perhaps this review of the operating system will make the new look a little more palatable and less scary.

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