What Schools Must Learn From LA’s iPad Debacle | WIRED

It is interesting to see that even the large districts are dealing with the same problems. It sounds like LA had less of an issue with the iPads but with the use of the Pearson curriculum on the iPads:

But the abundance of expensive hardware wasn’t the central problem in LA. It was Pearson’s curriculum that proved most troublesome. In her memo, Bernadette Lucas, the initiative’s director, wrote that less than 5 percent of students had consistent access to the content due to technical issues, and that some students had no access at all for months. As of March, all but two schools had stopped using the Pearson curriculum entirely.

CEC platform anyone? It seems that it is less the actual hardware but the poorly designed and rushed software that is the biggest impediment right now…

The questions the district are just now asking themselves, “What will students learn? How will students learn? What resources will be needed? How will it work?” are good questions. I would argue that they not only need to be asked before a roll out, but perennially.

If one of the country’s largest school districts and the world’s largest tech company can’t make tech in the classroom work, can anyone?

Source: www.wired.com

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